For over 20 years, CroDesign has produced websites using the latest technologies to provide unique, high-performing, and usable online experiences on all devices. Our websites will serve you well into the future.







All of the services and a smile

Making your website shine

Whether its a brand new project or a redesign, CroDesign will guide you through the process of building a website that provides the functions you need to support and grow your business.

Keeping your website safe

Your website will be monitored constantly in order to keep the bad guys out. Includes protection from brute force attacks, strong password enforcement, and lock out functions. Also daily backups.

Support when you need it

Available via phone, text, email, and Facebook Messenger. Our typical response time is less than an hour. Many issues can be resolved within a few minutes.

Social media deployment

There are a lot of details in building an online presence. We will help to get you started by setting up your social media pages such as Facebook, Google My Business, and Yelp.

Don't pay for hosting

Powered by Google Cloud, our servers are designed for optimum speed and a high level of redundancy. Also, CroDesign does not charge for hosting for the life of our contract.

Media production

Brand management is easy with CroDesign. We offer additional design services that include graphic design, professional photography, and copy writing. Maintaining a cohesive style across all media.

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Designing modern websites means building a single site that is easily viewable on any device whether it is a smartphone, tablet, or traditional computer. With the latest technologies, there is no need to build multiple versions of your site. Responsive design allows a website to adapt to multiple device sizes. By being mobile-ready it can be maintained in a single effort and have the most consistent design across all devices.

The website presented here is a responsive website. As you can see, the content automatically adjusts to provide the best browsing experience.


Every business is different, so you won't find any cookie cutter websites here. We take a strategic, information-driven approach to ensure that your project is a success.

We at CroDesign understand how to build effective websites that achieve your marketing goals and get it right the first time. For over 20 years, we have successfully worked with our clients to leverage experience, research, and collaboration to act as an extension of your team to lead your project to success.

Our intelligent approach differs from other agencies in that we take the time to deeply understand your business, your goals, and your target audience to craft a custom solution that will resonate with your site's users. Rather than focusing only on features and functionality, we make sure that everything on your website ties back to your business objectives and has a positive impact on your business. 


IMF Visions

Having a huge portfolio can be difficult to present. A new web site was designed to streamline and categorize the samples all while providing a friendly environment. Efforts were made in the look-and-feel to strike a balance between a typically female audience for wedding services and their commercial clients.

Services & Features Provided

WordPress Template Design

Content Insertion & Proofing

Mobile Web Design

Multiple Photo & Video Galleries

Padded Table

Liz Chee is an independent freelance massage therapy provider. This website provides simple descriptions of the modalities and services she provides. She did not want the old-and-tired cookie cutter stock photo website, so a professional photo shoot was provided as part of her package. An appointment can be requested right from the website. She also uses the site to keep her clients informed through her blog.

Services & Features Provided

WordPress Template Design

Content Insertion & Proofing

Mobile Web Design

Appointment Request Forms

Logo Design

Professional Photography

Rockstar Tattoo & Piercing

Consisting of two separate luxury villas located in Bali, this website redesign needed modernization. The new look-and-feel is intended to showcase the high-end accommodations while simplifying the user’s ability to find the content they want and leading them into requesting availability information.

Services & Features Provided

WordPress Template Design

Content Insertion & Proofing

Mobile Web Design

Availability Request Forms

Guest Submitted Testimonials

Multiple Photo & Video Galleries


Being a restaurant in Waikiki is very competitive. Wok-Kiki needed to have an updated look with easy to navigate menu options. This website provides a strong public image that’s a little playful yet quite professional.

This website was designed as part of a full branding package so that it would be consistent with all of their other collaterals and signage.

Services & Features Provided

WordPress Template Design

Content Insertion & Proofing

Mobile Web Design

Professional Photography

Reservation Request Form

Signage & Menu Design




Social Media Deployment

With so many different social media platforms, it can be difficult to decide which ones are the best fit. We can help to determine those used by your audience. Then build the initial content for each one.

Content Management

Maintaining an online presence can take a bit of work. Some of it is pretty tedious. Our media team will keep your social media posts and blog up to date with relevant content your visitors will want to read and share.

Reputation Management

Online reviews have become a necessary evil. They can be uplifting one minute then just terrible the next. No one wants a bad review. However, the proper response can turn a negative into a positive. CroDesign will manage both the good and the evil with a consistent message your visitor's will trust.

Online Interaction

Modern Internet users expect immediate access to information. That does not stop at your website. We can provide direct contact tools such as live chat and Facebook messenger embedded right into your site. Giving you every chance to turn your visitor into a customer or follower.


A word about SEO

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. It comes in two flavors. Its a catch phrase that's thrown around and is often confusing. So here's a brief description of each.

Onsite SEO

Firstly, SEO is the structure of a website's content known as onsite SEO. In part it is making sure certain tags are used to define sections of the site and order of dominance such as titles and other the textual content. It also includes keywords necessary to provide a clear understanding to search engines such as Google as to what your website is about in order to determine its quality of content. Keywords are also useful in the meta data that is associated with a website's imagery.

Outward SEO

This a bit less straight forward as outward SEO pertains to certain hidden elements of a website used to provide the content as viewed on search engines. This includes the actual search results as well as the content that is seen when a visitor shares a link to a website. This is also called page meta data.

But it doesn't stop there. Backlinks as well as social media connections are measured as part of SEO in order for search engines to determine ranking for content quality and "expertise".

What SEO is not

Your online advertising efforts are not SEO. You are paying for placement of selected keywords in order to provide visibility. Often an advertising schedule can be of benefit. But the above SEO functions will provide visibility organically over time. And all are important to your visitor's overall experience.